Scala Gallery

As you may know, I have my studio upstairs at the Scala Center in Georgetown, MA, at 28 W Main St. It is a great place, full of friendly people and a mix of arts, wellness, home decor, and a great gift shop.

I have now installed a mini gallery within the Gift Shop, and I have both framed paintings on a panel and unframed work in a bin. To celebrate this I will be having a year long sale, that will change frequently, on the work that I will hang in that space. I will be giving my viewers a coupon code for each month, and I will change the art every month, and there will be about 12-20 different pieces of art each month. You may use the coupon code either in the shop in person, or you may contact me to purchase a piece. I will post the new pieces each month on this page so if you bookmark the page you can get updated quickly.

¬† Here’s the new space! Check near the fireplace to find it.

Please click on the above pull down menu to see the paintings and get the COUPON CODE for March. Or you may click here to go there.