Private Art Classes


PRIVATE LESSONS (adults, teens, young artists)

Private lessons are scheduled at a time suitable to both teacher and student, and are a great way to get started, or to improve your skills with one on one direction. Any two dimensional media can be used. Students may select various lengths of sessions based on interests and technique or services desired. Classes may also be set up as semi-private, with two students sharing a common time and cost. No long-term commitment – you sign up for as many classes as you wish. Each new student is offered a free half-hour portfolio review or personal interview to determine if private lessons are right for him or her. Classes are student driven: They work best for those who know what they want to learn, be it media, concept, or technique. Lessons should be scheduled at least bi-weekly for best learning/retention.

All private lessons are $45 an hour, with 20% off the cost when arranging/paying 5 classes in advance. Students provide their own materials. If desired, for young artists, a materials fee can be added and Lynne will provide the materials.

One Hour – This amount of time is good for ongoing portfolio review (you work at home, bring in work for comments and suggestions for next time). This concept is useful for teens preparing college entry portfolios or experienced adult artists who want a fresh trained eye on their work. Also good for introduction to drawing for one or two people, with teaching done in class and more work done at home. Time is really too short to learn most complicated painting skills.
$45 each stand-alone session or $36 each prepaid 5 or more sessions ($180 per 5 sessions)

One and ½ hour – excellent for a beginner to learn one or two basic hands on skills per class in either drawing or painting, or for more advanced portfolio review. This time could also work for the independent young artist or pair of artists.
$68 each stand-alone session or $54 each prepaid 5 or more sessions ($270 per 5 sessions)

Two Hour – Good for most media areas; time for both critique of completed work and new skills/media explorations, and more in-depth media work.
$90 each stand-alone session or $72 each prepaid 5 or more sessions. ($360 per 5 sessions)